Rights activist Pahadi appears with new creation

Rights activist Pahadi appears with new creation – from the Rising Nepal

Kathmandu, Oct 1: Human rights activist Krishna Pahadi has come up with a book titled ‘prohibition of war: peace special’, a collection of his articles published at different times in the past one year.

This is the 27th book of Pahadi who is the founding president of Human Rights and Peace Society and it was published with the support of 13 members of the Society, as stated by Society general secretary Uttam Pudasaini.

Through his creation, human rights campaigner Pahadi announced to struggle lifelong against violence, hate and disintegration and their supporters. His writings are based on the subjects of declared and undeclared policies of various powerful nations towards Nepal and topics of security and strategic importance.

The book dedicated to peace incorporates 17 articles and the funds to be raised from its sale will be spent to operate campaigns/programmes of the Society.